Runway to "Right Away" Hairstyles

How to create an up-do from the runways of Fashion Week that's perfect for the holidays.
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The last Fashion Week is (finally) over--I was waiting for Japan (yeah, that's it). Although frankly, at this point, there's probably always a Fashion Week going on somewhere in the world.

But what's our takeaway? Certainly not the wardrobe of our dreams. Even our online Lookbooks are bulging at the seams.

And technically we're supposed to wait for spring before we can wear anything anyway. I was thinking about all this as I sat watching the Preen show in the iceberg building (aka the IAC in NYC) in September.

As geometric patterns in bold pastels, with the flutter of a ruffle or the echo of a petal, kaleidoscoped by, I wanted to slip into and out of almost every other outfit.

Practically speaking though, there is only one thing you can have immediately--the hairstyle.

No need to even wait til spring. The smooth, sleek silhouette, tight to the head for a clean line that's edgy and modern, but still elegantly elongates the neck in a homage to timeless beauty--to paraphrase Paul Hanlon, the stylist for Aveda who created the look--is perfect for now.

Especially with the holidays coming up. The roll of the hair invites embellishment--combs, pins, pearls, colored stones--and the style ensures you won't have hair in your food, particularly if you are the chef.

The miracle of this hairstyle? It can even work for short hair!

Here's how you do the long-haired version (Paul's tips):


1. Prep hair by spritzing throughout with Aveda Volumizing Tonic; blow dry with a round brush. Work hair away from the face and neck to keep the hairline clean. (If hair is dry or damaged, prep with Aveda Brilliant Damage Control.)

2. Once dry, gently brush hair away from face and let it part naturally on the left side. Smooth hair with a fine-tooth comb & a light mist of Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

3. On the right side of the head at the top of the ear, begin to twist hair toward the back of the head, staying just on top of the parietal ridge. Use a tail comb to neatly fold hair up into the roll; secure the roll with "U" pins. Avoid twisting too tightly at this point.

4. Continue twisting toward the back of the head following the natural hairline. Twist all the way to the nape, secure hair with a clip.

5. Repeat twist on the left side, starting slightly lower, 1 to 2 inches above the top of the ear, sloping downward at the back of the head to create a "U" shape when twists meet at the nape.

6. Neatly brush hair upward from the hairline to create a seamless connection between the two twists. This gives the appearance of a single, smooth, twisted roll that snugly wraps around the head.

7. Use Aveda Air Control Hair Spray and the end of a tail comb to smooth all wisps and flyaways while replacing "U" pins with bobby pins, snugly tucked and hidden.

8. Finish with a shin-enhancing spray (Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine).

Here are instructions on how to create this look with short hair (as well as other runway options adaptable to right now).

Happy holiday hair.

Gerit Quealy writes on hairstyles and substance at StyleGoesStrong com