RuPaul And Chris Crocker Buckle Up In Latest 'RuPaul Drives...' Episode (VIDEO)

Recent Los Angeles transplant Chris Crocker goes apartment hunting with RuPaul in the latest episode of World of Wonder's new web series, "RuPaul Drives..." and the housing search leads to a very candid conversation.

A lot has happened for Crocker since he and Ru last met, right after Crocker became an internet sensation for his "Leave Britney Alone" video in 2007 and Ru doesn't hold back, asking about everything, including Crocker's porn past. Crocker, who had become the punching bag of the Internet, attributes wanting to get the last laugh as one of his reasons for starring in his own porn video:

"I was seen as such an asexual thing... I was just like you know what? You guys made fun of me for so long but now I'm going to take the power and you're going to jerk off to me."

Watch the video above, and prepare to warm up to Crocker by the end of his driving session.

For more information on Chris Crocker and what he's up to these days make sure to follow him on Twitter. Watch new episodes of "RuPaul Drives..." every Monday on World of Wonder.



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