'Kimmel' Host RuPaul Has Just 4 Words To Say On Ted Cruz's Gay Marriage Remarks

The legendary entertainer didn't waste much energy on the Texas senator in his "Jimmy Kimmel Live" roast.

RuPaul weighed in very briefly on Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s anti-LGBTQ comments while guest-hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday.

“Sen. Ted Cruz says that the Supreme Court was clearly wrong about its 2015 same-sex marriage ruling,” the drag icon said of the Texas senator. “In gayer news: Child, fuck Ted Cruz.”

Earlier in the segment, RuPaul said he didn’t want to put any more negativity into the world and, therefore, declined to talk about former President Donald Trump. (He had no issue, however, with his colleague Michelle Visage chiming in to do so.)

Watch below.

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