RuPaul Advises Meghan Markle To Shut Down Haters In A Very RuPaul Way

“If they ain’t paying your bills, pay them b***hes no mind,” the drag legend said in a "Watch What Happens Live" appearance.

According to RuPaul, royal duchesses can learn a thing or two from drag queens with regard to navigating the limelight.

The pop icon and host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” offered some words of advice for Meghan Markle in a Sunday appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” suggesting the Duchess of Sussex sashay away from her critics.

Global media scrutiny of Markle has intensified since she announced she was pregnant in October 2018. In recent weeks, the duchess has been accused of “difficult” behavior and pitted against her sister-in-law, the former Kate Middleton. Then, of course, there are reports of ongoing strife between Markle and many of her U.S.-based family members.

On Sunday, however, RuPaul offered a very simple but strongly worded suggestion on how Markle should handle the drama.

“She is with child,” he told host Andy Cohen. “The truth is, all these people spreading all these rumors about her, they’re the problem.”

He then added,“If they ain’t paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind!”

Elsewhere in the chat, RuPaul was asked for his take on a number of other pressing issues, namely the partial government shutdown and President Donald Trump’s fiery Twitter presence.

The shutdown, he said, has “happened before, and the truth is that the pendulum always swings back and forth. Right now it just happens to be swinging way to the other side. But it will swing back.”

As for Trump, social media “will be his undoing,” he said. “If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.”

Watch the full clip below.

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