RuPaul Preps The Unlikely Future Of Drag — Pete Davidson — On 'Saturday Night Live'

"There's a queen inside of you," RuPaul tells Davidson's super-slacker Chad.

A super-glam RuPaul zeroed in on the “future of drag” in the extremely unlikely person of Pete Davidson’s super-slacker “Chad” in a hilarious sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”

Asked if he’s ever done drag, Davidson answers: “No. Just weed and pills.”

“There’s a queen inside of you, Chad. All she needs is a crown. Get my gist?” RuPaul says, before attempting to transform him into someone who might compete in “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Chad giggles and says “jizz.”

But Davidson struggles with packing away his “junk,” and can’t keep his hands off his fake breasts. And he’s as shocked as Chad ever gets to discover that RuPaul is a man.

When it comes time to perform, Chad face-plants into a table. RuPaul asks him if he wants to be the “greatest drag queen” in the world. “No,” Chad answers.

The night marked RuPaul’s first hosting gig on “SNL.” He touted his hit series, but didn’t do the monologue in drag ― though he confided to the audience, “I am wearing my grandmother’s panties.” He explained: “You’re born naked, and the rest is drag.”

He reminisced about moving to New York in the ’80s when the city was “full of drugs, streetwalkers and seedy nightclubs,” adding: “But it wasn’t all good.”

Check out Chad’s transformation in the video above. RuPaul’s monologue is here:

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