RuPaul's Drag Race : Alexis Mateo

A true queen's queen, Alexis Mateo stole our hearts with sharp-tongued wit and unbeatable stage presence. This native of Puerto Rico (where as of late, fierce drag queens, not rum, seem to be the main export) injected pageantry and poise into a season of RuPaul's Drag Race that sometimes seemed a bit preoccupied with behind-the-scenes drama. Alexis may not have been crowned "America's Next Drag Superstar", but in the eyes and hearts of legions of devoted fans, she shines as "America's Brightest Drag Superstar". BAM!


JG: What is most important: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve or Talent?

AM: As a entertainer, talent is the most important one because at the end of the day a Drag Queen doesn't need to have the latest fashion or the personality of a famous person. All you need to do is entertain.

JG: What is the most important item in your drag arsenal?

AM: The hair. I feel completed when I get my hair on!

JG: During one of the episodes you said you didn't consider Carmen Puerto Rican enough? Do you still feel this way? What does being truly Puerto Rican mean to you?

AM: I love when people embrace their culture and for me Carmen is still a little off. I love my Latin culture, my language, and my heritage. I stay true to who I am, but it's probably because I was born and grew up in Puerto Rico!

JG: During the PSA challenge you shared that the man you loved had been sent off to combat. Your revelations touched a lot of people. Has he returned? Do you know if he's seen the PSA?

AM: Sadly, I haven't heard back from him, but I believe people come into your life for a reason. I have learned and grew up from this. I'm ready to move on with a future relationship.

JG: Shangela was not the only girl with a catch-phrase on the show. She is now cashing in on "Halleloo!" selling t-shirts and other goodies. Any plans to do the same with "Bam!"?

AM: I think so. My fans are asking for the t-shirts, so I will make sure they have them. For the record, I didn't know I said it that much (laughs).

JG: During the "Jocks in Frocks" challenge, your jock, Slava seemed quite smitten with you. Did you guys keep in touch?

AM: Yes, Slava and I are very good friends (nothing romantic). He is a great guy and it's great to see a straight boy treating us like normal people, plus I know the girl who ends up with him will be really happy.

JG: He was LIVING his drag. Do you think he'll turn up as a contestant on a future season of Drag Race?

AM: YES, Yes, Yes! I'm Team Avala Mateo for Season 4!

JG: During the recap show you mentioned that the rush of being on stage is your favorite part of drag, what is your least favorite part?

AM: Wearing a fake body. It's so uncomfortable. Every movement has to be bigger so people can notice it. I wish I could do it in a different way.

JG: What has been the best part about the entire Drag Race experience?

AM: Meeting the people and finding out how many people love me. It's the best part of the competition and I am now living my dream.

JG: Hindsight is 20/20. Is there something you think you could have done differently that might have won you the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar"?

AM: I don't regret anything about the competition. I was real. The person you got to see is what you got.
I was the real Alexis - I have a passion for entertainment and a love for drag now more than ever.

JG: What is next for Alexis Mateo?

AM: If you have the chance to come see me in a show, sit down and relax, cause the show it's about to start! I will love to continue entertaining people around the country -- maybe a cruise line show or headline in Las Vegas. I want to become a National Title holder. More TV, music! I would love to be part of a cast of a cartoon movie, have my own Dating Show on Logo to find a love of my life... oh, and the first Hispanic, gay, Drag Queen President of the United States.