'Rupaul's Drag Race' Star Derrick Barry Explains The Ins And Outs Of The 'Throuple'

Nick San Pedro, Lady Red Couture, Derrick Barry, Jonny McGovern and Nebraska Thunderf*ck on Hey Qween
Nick San Pedro, Lady Red Couture, Derrick Barry, Jonny McGovern and Nebraska Thunderf*ck on Hey Qween

By Matt Valdez, Hey Qween TV

Keeping the spark alive is the key to a long lasting relationship. We’ve all heard about some couples inviting a third party into the bedroom, but what about adding another member to the relationship?

For “Rupaul’s Drag Race” star Derrick Barry a relationship of two is nice, but three is better. For almost half a decade, Barry has been in a trinogamous relationship with artist Nick San Pedro and now fellow drag queen Nebraska Thunderf*ck (real name Mackenzie Claude).

During their interview on Hey Qween, they reveal to host Jonny McGovern why the “throuple” works for them.

“A benefit to this type of relationship is that you don’t get bored,” Nebraska explains. “Derrick offers me something that Nick doesn’t and Nick offers me something that Derrick doesn’t.”

So how does something like this happen, you ask? According to them, with an open mind and some willingness to experiment, things just seemed to happen organically.

“We are very creative people and life should be full of abundance,” says San Pedro, who had been with Derrick for almost five years prior to the current arraignment. “We had no plan on adding some and having it be a permanent thing.”

Nebraska Thunderf*ck, Nick San Pedro and Derrick Barry on Hey Qween
Nebraska Thunderf*ck, Nick San Pedro and Derrick Barry on Hey Qween

After meeting Nebraska, the three of them began hanging out regularly and eventually began dating casually. But it wasn’t until her last assignment with the Military that Nebraska realized she wanted to make things official.

“I was gone for a month and I found myself thinking about them the entire time and so I knew there was something there,” Nebraska reveals. “When I got back, we were dating for about a month when I realized that I needed to make things serious.”

“We had the sit down,” adds Derrick. “Like we got the text saying ‘I need to talk to you guys. It’s serious.’ He sat us down and explained that he wanted to make it exclusive and I mean, it already was, but this was putting that label on it.”

In any relationship, earning the acceptance of family can be an ordeal in itself, but in the case of this throuple, Derrick, Nebraska and Nick all had very different experiences.

“At first I was like ‘Oh God, what is my Cuban, Catholic family going to think? I don’t know if I can handle this.’” Nick explains. “It took a few years of adjustment for the family, but now most of the family embraces us with open arms.”

For Derrick things went quite a bit smoother. He says, “For me I’ve always been the adventurous one. I mean, I’m a gay drag queen so it’s not like I’m the norm in my family anyways. I got a really positive reaction from my family, especially my dad.”

As for Nebraska, she grew up in foster care and believes that it is because of her upbringing that she lives how she lives today.

“I never had anyone to answer to,” she explains. “You know, you can actually live for yourself and not the approval of others.”

So you’re probably wondering, what’s the situation in the bedroom? Who does what? Have they ever Kai Kai’d? Do they play Britney Spears music in the background?

Sorry folks, you’ll have to watch the full episode to find out what they reveal! Plus you do NOT want to miss Derrick spill all the Drag Race tea!

Watch part one of Derrick’s interview below and for more fabulous videos head to the Hey Qween Youtube channel!

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