Rupert Everett Advises Gay Actors Not To Come Out In Hollywood Again

Rupert Everett re-iterated his stance on what he describes as Hollywood's unwillingness to fully accept openly gay actors and typecasting them in stereotypical roles in a new interview with BBC's HARDTalk.

"Straight men get every opportunity to play gay parts that they want and then win tons of awards for doing so," Everett said. "But the other way doesn’t really work out."

He further went on his crusade, cautioning young gay actors to not come out if they want to make it in America.

"The mainstream actor has had to become straighter and straighter and straight," he said.

Once again, the "My Best Friend's Wedding" actor's remarks seem poised to cause controversy. Last fall, he reportedly received death threats after he told the Sunday Times that "children need a father and a mother" and that he couldn't "think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads."

You can catch the full interview with Everett across BBC's news channels, airing on different times today and tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 15.



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