'Harry Potter' Star Rupert Grint Gets Mistaken For Ed Sheeran, Goes Along For The Ride

"Harry Potter" star Rupert Grint says people often think he's singer Ed Sheeran, and he doesn't correct their mistake.

In an interview with BBC Match of the Day magazine, the 25-year-old actor admitted that fans confuse him for his fellow red-headed British star:

"People think I’m Ed Sheeran," he said. "They compliment me on my music career and I just play along with it! It’s never too bad, you get the odd person staring at you but it’s pretty manageable."

rupert grint ed sheeran

Grint, who rose to fame as a child for his role in the "Harry Potter" films, is also, undoubtedly, no stranger to being recognized on the street as himself. Since wrapping the series, the star has continued to pursue a life in the spotlight: he stars in upcoming animated movie "The Unbeatables," and will make his Broadway debut this fall in Terrence McNally’s "It’s Only a Play."

With so many of his own accomplishments, it's especially nice of Grint to so happily play along with his misidentification. Though it does make us wonder: How devoted really are these Ed Sheeran fans, if they can't even recognize their favorite star's face?



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