What Rupert Murdoch Kept And Gave Up In His Divorce

Just as marriage is a give-and-take process, so is divorce. Rupert Murdoch, who got a divorce for the third time recently—this time from his most recent wife, Wendi Deng—knows that as well as anyone. Here's a list of some of the assets he kept and some he had to give away.


His companies.

news corp

Wendi leaves without any financial stake in Rupert's business.

Most of his many homes.

private jet

Rupert has lots of them, all over the world. He just bought an estate in Beverly Hills for a whopping $28.8 million.

One of his two yachts.


That would be Vertigo. We'll let the Independent explain its features:

The 200-foot superyacht Vertigo, the seventh largest sailing yacht in the world, cost about $80 million. It boasts six staterooms, a swimming pool, a gym and a crew of 11. It won 'Greatest Design' at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show.

His private jets.

private jet

He has two, of course. What billionaire would be caught dead with just one private jet?!


His $44 million home in New York, and his pad in Beijing.

834 fifth avenue

Wendi and the kids get to keep those coveted prizes.

One of his yachts.

murdoch yacht

Sadly, it's the one he got married on. Here's a picture from happier times.