Rupert Murdoch Praises 'Beautiful' iPad, Predicts Apple Will Sell 10 Million This Year (VIDEO)

News Corp chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch praised Apple's "extraordinary" iPad and Apple CEO Steve Jobs' "incredible focus" in an interview with Fox Business.

"He's got such power inspiring the people around him that work for him," Murdoch said of Jobs. "It [Apple] is a highly disciplined company that makes beautiful products." Murdoch estimated that Apple would sell "at least" 10 million iPads this year.

"Steve Jobs has gone out up front with a really beautiful device," he added, saying there was "not much doubt" Jobs was the best CEO in the US.

He wasn't all praise. Murdoch also lamented broadband speed and access in the United States. "We're way behind the world in the use of broadband," he said. "We've got to speed it up greatly. It's going to take a few years for us to catch the rest of the world."

Once the world's economies "get through" the current economic slump, the News Corp CEO predicted the "rate of innovation in the world will make the last 100 years look like nothing."


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