Rush Limbaugh Advertiser Exodus Continues With Kohler Pulling Content

Rush Limbaugh's advertising woes continue, as kitchen and bath fixtures company Kohler is the latest company to pull its content from the radio program.

On Monday, Kohler responded to pressure from customers who wanted to know if the company advertised on Limbaugh's program. Kohler tweeted that the company does not support Limbaugh's comments and pulled its advertisements from his show.

Limbaugh came under fire earlier this month after he attacked Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke for participating in a congressional hearing on insurance-covered contraception. Limbaugh called Fluke a "slut," and continued to attack her over the course of three days. After sparking significant outrage, Limbaugh issued a rare, public apology. Despite his statement, more than 100 advertisers have since pulled their content from his radio program and two stations have dropped his show.

Kohler joins in a long list of advertisers who have distanced themselves from the conservative talk radio host, including AOL, parent company of The Huffington Post. Last week, liberal media watchdog Media Matters launched an advertising campaign targeting Limbaugh and the radio stations that still carry his program. The group said that it plans to spend $100,000 on anti-Rush Limbaugh advertising.

View the slideshow below to see some of the 141 companies that have ceased advertising on Limbaugh's show.

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