Rush Limbaugh (AUDIO): 'When Do We Ask The Sierra Club To Pick Up The Tab For This Leak?'

Rush Limbaugh picked an unlikely target to blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on his show yesterday:

"When do we ask the Sierra Club to pick up the tab for this leak?" Limbaugh asked, and then proceeded to answer.

Here's his logic: The environmental group has been driving oil producers off the land to "way, way, way offshore," into more high-risk situations. According to Limbaugh, the oil companies have had no choice but to drill for oil one mile underwater.

Where he got the idea that the Sierra Club is any more for offshore drilling than onshore drilling is unclear. Basically, Limbaugh wants the Sierra Club to foot the bill for what they've always maintained is a risky business while BP vigorously fought against regulations

LISTEN to Limbaugh's dubious logic: