Rush Limbaugh Flips About CNN's Low Ratings, Anderson Cooper's Presence In Gossip Columns (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh declared what he called "the era of old media" as over on his Wednesday radio show, attributing the era's ending to CNN's low ratings for the month of April.

CNN experienced its lowest rated month since August 2001. Limbaugh went through the nitty-gritty of CNN's ratings, announcing the network's performance in total viewers and in the coveted key 25-54 demo. He called Piers Morgan the network's "shining star," since his show was only down 14 percent. He also said Anderson Cooper's presence in gossip columns was not helping his prime time show or the network.

"Silver fox, Anderson Cooper. I swear, that guy is reported more in gossip columns at the gym, or at that bar or restaurant than he is in the studio," Limbaugh said. "And CNN probably thinks that's great: 'That'll be good for the demo! Anderson out there doing all this stuff, people will be curious and tune in and watch.' It isn't working!"

Limbaugh also said that CNN considers what he called the network's steady decline as a "badge of honor." Limbaugh said, "In their minds, they're up against Fox, which is illegitimate. Fox doesn't do real news. Fox is poisoning the minds of the American news consumer. So CNN executives tell themselves...they're hanging tough. They're not veering away. They're staying true to the cause of liberalism no matter what it's costing them...this is how they think."

Limbaugh added that he was trying to help CNN, though he knew they would never accept his suggestions. He said that CNN has low ratings because the network claims to be objective and moderate.

"They are telling themselves that they are the centrists," Limbaugh said of CNN. "Fox News is the extreme right-wing kooks. MSNBC is hard liberal, and we at CNN are adults...We're the moderists. We're the objective journalists. We don't allow opinion to infect and infiltrate or news presentation...We are exactly what the American people say they want in journalism."

Limbaugh said that the truth was that CNN is "just as hardcore liberal as MSNBC," and that MSNBC has better ratings because they're honest about it. "CNN is left-wing kooks but they don't tell people that," he said.



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