Rush Limbaugh: I Give You More News Than CNN (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh had a few choice words for CNN chief Jeff Zucker after he announced on Tuesday that he wanted to bring more "attitude" and personality to the network and dial down on newscasts and newsy content.

"CNN president Jeff Zucker recently told Capital New York that the 'straight newscast model' is unsustainable," Limbaugh said. "How does he know? Nobody's doing it!"

According to Limbaugh, CNN is simply another example of the "daily soap opera that everybody thinks is the news." "But there isn't any news being reported," he said.

“If these people at CNN really think all they’ve been doing is broadcasting straight news, it’s hopeless!”

Limbaugh went as far as to say that people who listen to his show will get a wider variety of information than if they were to watch any of the nightly news programs.

"I think on this program, we do more straight news reporting than you will find combined on the three nightly newscasts and CNN."

The problem with the news reporting of major networks like CNN and MSNBC, he said, is that they are "all part of the daily media agenda of the left" and “all regurgitating the same thing.”

Listen to the audio clip for the full segment.



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