Rush Limbaugh Hates Presidential Power Grabs — But Not By Trump

The right-wing radio host explained to Chris Wallace the difference between executive actions by Obama and Trump is "right and wrong."

Right-wing nag Rush Limbaugh hated when President Barack Obama took executive action — but it’s different for President Donald Trump, he told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Forgetting his former concerns about threats to the Constitution, Limbaugh said the Republican president could bulldoze over Congress because he’s “right.” Trump declared a national emergency Friday so he can build his border wall after failing to win support from legislators.

When Obama took executive action in 2014 to crack down on illegal immigration and streamline the citizenship process for those who qualified — Limbaugh bashed the move. He said then that Obama’s action “basically shreds the Constitution and flushes it down the toilet,” Wallace pointed out.

This time around, Limbaugh said, it was a difference between “right and wrong.”

“I deemed” Obama’s actions to “be harmful to the country,” Limbaugh declared. He said Trump had to take action because he’s “not getting any cooperation” from Congress.

Check out the clip above.

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