Rush Limbaugh Goes Off On Caller Who Mentions His Viagra Scandal

Rush Limbaugh unleashed his ire when a caller on his Tuesday show asked him about his 2006 Viagra scandal.

In June of that year, Limbaugh was detained in a Florida airport after returning from a trip to the Dominican Republican with Viagra that he did not have a prescription for. On Tuesday, after he had talked about the Anthony Weiner scandal for some time, a caller asked him, "how is this different from you going to the sexual tourist destination of Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra?"

Limbaugh proceeded to tear into the caller for the next few minutes.

"What you describe about me isn't true," he said. "You are repeating Internet rumors based in hatred and misinformation."

He told the caller that he was a "glittering jewel of colossal ignorance" and that he was trying to excuse "depravity" and get his "jolling" by believing "bs." He also told the man that it was people like him who were "responsible for the precarious position this great nation finds itself in."

To hear the call, click here.