Rush Limbaugh Blasts GOP's 2012 Strategy (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh blasted the Republican party's strategy for the 2012 election on Wednesday's "On the Record."

In an interview with Greta van Susteren, Limbaugh calmly explained his belief that the GOP was trying too hard to win over moderates, and alienating conservative voters in the process. "The Republican establishment has decided it doesn't want any part of conservatism," he said.

He then ticked off what he believes are Republican establishment's true beliefs about conservatives. He alleged, "They believe what the inside the Beltway philosophy is about conservatism: they're racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobe, Southern hayseed hicks. They're pro-lifers. They're embarrassing to have to go to conventions with them."

He suggested that Republican voters can "sense that the Republican party really doesn't want them," and called it a fundamental problem with the GOP strategy.

He also accused Republicans of being too soft in Washington. He put on a hushed voice and imitated them, saying, "Don't like conflict, don't like criticism of Obama, don't like confrontation. They want us to work us across the aisle, compromise. Fine."