Rush Limbaugh Gushes Over Erin Burnett

Rush Limbaugh Gushes Over Erin Burnett

Joe Scarborough finally nabbed Rush Limbaugh for Morning Joe, and, naturally, Scarborough wanted to get right into politics. But Limbaugh wasn't quite ready. Rush's segment followed a few minutes after Erin Burnett's daily business report for Joe and she was still connected to the MSNBC control room:

Scarborough: Let's talk about the Republican field... Limbaugh: Wait a minute, Joe. Before you go there, I have to say something. I heard Erin Burnett sounding a little wifey, Erin, you said you're gonna be listening. I love listening to myself, but it's great to know you're listening to me too. Nobody can big foot you, Erin... Burnett: I got bigfooted out, that's what happened Rush. Limbaugh: The truth is that anybody that follows you, Erin, can't match what you've done. Burnett: Thank you, Rush. Scarborough: That is big. Getting that from Mr. Excellence in Broadcasting right there. Burnett: You made my day. I'm done now, I'm going home.

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