Rush Limbaugh: Herman Cain Harassment Story 'Unconscionable, Racially Stereotypical Attack' (AUDIO)

Limbaugh Denounces Herman Cain Story

Rush Limbaugh tore into Politico on his Monday show, denouncing the web site for what he called a "hit job" on Herman Cain. Limbaugh said that the story was an "unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack" on Cain.

Politico posted an explosive story about Cain on Sunday. The story alleged that two women accused Cain of sexual harassment during his tenure leading the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, and that there was a financial settlement with the women in order for them to drop the story.

Cain and his spokespeople initially dodged questions about the story, before going on to flatly deny the allegations.

Limbaugh pronounced himself deeply offended by the piece, saying that it trafficked in the "ugliest racial stereotypes" and was an example of deep liberal media bias.

"This is gutter partisan politics, and it's the politics of minority conservative personal destruction," he said. "...It really is about blacks and Hispanics getting too uppity."

The notion that the media treats black conservatives more harshly than black liberals or Democrats is one of Limbaugh's frequent themes. He wondered aloud what would happen if the story had been about President Obama. The media, he said, would have attacked the unnamed women in the story.

"They would name names and they would destroy them." he said.


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