Rush Limbaugh Jay Leno Show: "Obama Is Polarizing," I'm Not

Conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh appeared on "The Jay Leno Show" Thursday night in a hotly anticipated interview. The attention-seeking host denied being a polarizing figure. "Everybody agrees with me that listens to me," he said. "I'm not controversial at all ... Obama is polarizing ... Look at how divided this country is right now."

Asked by Leno if there was any way for Americans to bridge that divide, Limbaugh responded,"You give up what you believe in, agree with me, we'll get along."

Leno also tried to get Limbaugh to agree that Wall Street CEOs should not be making billions of dollars off schemes that hurt investors. Limbaugh strongly disagreed. "The market will fix itself," he said. "It's none of my business what they make, Jay, it's certainly none of yours, and it's certainly not Barack Obama's what anybody makes ... If you believe in the capitalist system, you have to erase from your whole worldview what somebody needs."

They did, however, come together on the subject of weight-loss -- both hosts shed pounds this summer.

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