Rush Limbaugh Says John Kerry Is Too Old To Ride A Bicycle


Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves on Monday to mock John Kerry for the broken leg the secretary of state sustained in a bicycle accident near Geneva over the weekend.

In the space of just a few moments on his radio show, Limbaugh managed to insult Kerry's age, recreational habits and physical appearance, according to remarks posted on his website:

"Do you know how old John Kerry is? It's tough, you know. You can't tell a horse's age when you look it, and since Kerry looks like a horse, it's tough. But he's 71 years old. Now, would somebody tell me something? What is a 71-year-old man, secretary of state, doing riding a bicycle -- or, alternatively, windsurfing off Nantucket? Why is somebody riding a bicycle while in the midst of sensitive negotiations and attempting to secure nuclear weapons for Iran? Exercise? BS."

Kerry is a longtime cyclist who has been known to bring his bike with him on trips. However, Limbaugh claimed that Kerry was bicycling "for the photo-op, trying to look hip with the young generation that thinks life is all about exercise and fitness and so forth."

"You'd have never seen Dean Rusk with a bicycle out there. You'd have never seen Dean Acheson out there at Dulles on a bike," Rush said referring to other secretaries of state. "You'd have never seen the great Colin Powell out there on a bicycle heading off to a meeting at the UN. This is embarrassing."

Limbaugh also made reference to Kerry's combat service in Vietnam, for which he was decorated with a number of medals, including three Purple Hearts.

"John Kerry should apply for another Purple Heart. Yeah, another Purple Heart," Limbaugh said. "Well, it was an on-the-job injury, kind of, taking a break from sensitive negotiations with the Iranians, riding his stupid bicycle."

Limbaugh, 64, did not serve in the military.

(h/t Mediaite)

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