Rush Limbaugh: John Roberts Is 'Run By The American Media'

Limbaugh's Angry Allegation Against Roberts

Rush Limbaugh charged that Chief Justice Roberts "is now run by the American media" on Monday, after the Supreme Court's landmark decision on Obamacare.

Roberts enraged opponents of President Obama's signature health care legislation when he helped uphold the individual mandate on Thursday. Limbaugh was reacting to a CBS News report that said Roberts initially moved to strike it down, but changed his mind.

The report suggested that the media's coverage of the case and his reputation played a role in Roberts' decision. On Monday, Limbaugh said that he believes the report.

He said that Roberts could not have done anything worse to damage the integrity of the Supreme Court. "Because now the Washington, New York media runs the Supreme Court of the United States," Limbaugh alleged. "They run the chief justice. They can intimidate, and they did."

He compared the Supreme Court to a "political institution" that bends to "media pressure" the way politicians do. "I can't tell you how troubling this is," Limbaugh said. "I'm still a little sick about it, but more than that, I'm just flat-out angry."

"As far as the media is concerned, the integrity of the court is just fine," he continued. "Everything's cool! Everything's fine! There is no problem here. The media says it's okay. Whatever they say is okay, is okay. If the media approves of what you're doing, you're home free."

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