Rush Limbaugh's Confused, Rambling Reaction To Michael Sam's Coming Out

Rush Limbaugh had a variety of strange reactions to the news that Michael Sam could be the NFL's first gay player.

Many people were happy when Sam came out. Limbaugh, though, wanted to make a series of other rambling points.

"Why is there anything political about homosexuality?" he wondered, hopefully rhetorically. Then he commented that straight people are "under assault by the 2-5 percent who are homosexuals," though he did not expand on this view. Then he mentioned that football isn't healthy.

Then he got into an argument that he didn't really resolve about why the media is so interested in celebrating the decision by Sam to come out. It was all very weird, as if Limbaugh was scrabbling around for a way to oppose Sam's declaration, but couldn't really figure it out.

(Audio via the ever-reliable Daily Rushbo)