Rush Limbaugh: Promise Of Obamacare Is 'If You Like Being A Prostitute, Then Have At It' (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh's Wild Message To Millennials

Rush Limbaugh sent a message to Millennials on Wednesday telling them that they can keep on being wild and free just as long as they have Obamacare.

The radio host accused the Obama administration of giving "fake" information to young people in order to promote Obamacare by implying that birth control and contraceptives are "free."

"These Millennials are being lied to," Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh warned young people about falling into this trap, and decoded what he believes the ads are "really promising."

"If you like being promiscuous, you can keep on being promiscuous," he said. "If you like being a prostitute, then have at it!"

So just to clarify, Limbaugh insists that the message of Obamacare is this:

"If you like your risky, promiscuous lifestyle, you can keep it. That's what Obama is promising."

Listen to the audio above for the full segment.

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