Rush Limbaugh: 'Operation Chaos' A Success In Extending Nomination

Rush Limbaugh: 'Operation Chaos' A Success In Extending Nomination

Did Rush Limbaugh disrupt the primaries today? He certainly thinks so; discover Operation Chaos:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Greetings my friends. Greetings special operatives and commandos. I am commander-in-chief, US Operation Chaos. Rush Limbaugh, [inaudible] broadcast excellence for the next three hours. From behind the Golden EIB microphone at the heavily fortified and bunkered EIB Southern Command in Palm Beach, Florida.

I just got an email right before the email started. It said, "Rush, you are the lead at TIME This is madness." So I went there, and it's Mark Halperin's blog, and there is a picture of me in a blue background with all kinds of stars surrounding my beautiful face and head. And the headline above this graphic is "Chaos?!" with an exclamation point and a question mark, and it references this story that I'm holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. The Indianapolis Star today on its website is updating turnout and other aspects of the primary vote in Indiana today. And the headline of their 10:51 am report was "Hardcore Republicans voting Democrat." And the TIME Magazine blog says, "Listen to Limbaugh Crow About This at Noon Eastern." I think they have a link to my website.

"The two precincts at Broad Ripple Family Center selected Republican Jon Elrod over Democrat Andre Carson in March's special election..." Blah, blah, blah. "But by 9 a.m., just 21 voters in one of those precincts had requested Republican ballots -- out of 168 cast. "Amid heavy turnout, Republicans appeared to be crossing over in droves today in Marion County, Indiana, and suburban counties, where fewer Republican voters might impact down-ticket primary races. At the Broad Ripple center, nearly 400 voters -- out of 1,800 registered had turned out in the first few hours of voting." Republicans crossing over to vote in the Democrat primary, Operation Chaos.

I have also been receiving field reports via email today both at my website email address and the elrushbo@eib net dot com address, from people, commandos, operatives, reporting that they have followed orders and fulfilled their duty. Nobody's been challenged. The Indiana voters all say that they have not been challenged, and they were hoping to be. They had themselves steeled and ready for it, many of them have showed in tie-dyes, flip-flops, holding their heads up and looking down at their noses like their liberals, effete snobs. You know, showing up in battered pickup trucks and this sort of thing, and nobody's challenged them. In fact, some of the people show up and they ask for a Democrat ballot, and the poll worker says, "Why, what are you going to do?" He says, "Operation Chaos," and they just laugh. "Oh, is that what's going on here?" one poll worker said.

Here's another one from New Albany, Indiana, which is right across - it's Louisville North. Received a call from one of Obama's operatives. She asked me if I was going to vote for Obama in the primary. I said, "No." She asked me who I was voting for. I said, "Operation Chaos." The Obama worker laughed and then said, "Okay" with a positive tone to her voice and thanked me for my time.

Rush, at 8:15 am this morning I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Indiana primary. It was tough. I showered twice, I threw up a little in my mouth, but I did it. It was an honor to follow your orders. Matthew Sullivan, [some town], Indiana.

Greetings from small-town Indiana. Well, I got up late this morning, put on my old tie-dye, rode my bicycle to polling place. The lady asked me, "Republican or Democrat?" Almost swallowing my tongue, I mumbled, "Democrat." I cast my vote for Hillary. The day gets worse. The beer store is closed on election day. I can't even get the taste out of my mouth. But I'm a loyal soldier. Chris Long.

Hey, Rush. My bride and I went in this morning at nine o'clock to vote - this is North Carolina Operation Chaos update. We changed to unaffiliated in North Carolina last month, did our part for Operation Chaos. After we submitted our pen-marked ballot, no machines in Garner, North Carolina, I took my official Operation Chaos hat out of my front pocket and I put it on. I then took the "I Voted" sticker that they hand out after the ballot's submitted, and I pressed it above the word "operation" on my hat. The looks I got as we left were priceless. Most were smiles, some men laughed, two women just frowned. By the way, I also had my "Camp Gitmo" t-shirt on under an unbuttoned cover shirt, double-whammy time. The election workers were commenting on the high turnout for our area, but I don't know if that's the case statewide. Big Al in Garner.

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