Rush Limbaugh Vividly Describes Alleged Trump Pee Tape, Then Says It's All Fake

"Somebody is going to produce a tape of prostitutes peeing on a bed."

Conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh spent two days this week describing the alleged “pee tape” involving prostitutes and President Donald Trump that was mentioned in the unverified dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele.

To date, no such tape has surfaced, but Limbaugh said “they” would produce a doctored video.

“They can create lying, filthy, fake evidence that says Trump did it,” Limbaugh said in comments posted online by Media Matters. “And they can get a warrant to spy on Trump with the lying, stinking, fake evidence.”

Limbaugh went into some pretty specific details about what he thinks would be on such a tape: 

“Somebody is going to produce a tape of prostitutes peeing on a bed. It’s going to look like security camera footage from a hotel room. It may be in black and white.

And we’re going to be told that this may well be it, this may well be the it, this may well be Trump had hired the prostitutes to pee on the bed. That bed right there, that might be the one Obama and Michelle slept in that the prostitutes are peeing on.

What’s to stop them from doing that?”

On Wednesday, Limbaugh predicted “they” will find the tape, then worked some pee-related puns into his monologue, offering that the tape would be “leaked” by Russian intelligence and aired by CBS “on their streaming network, CBS All Access.”