Rush Limbaugh Says Ted Kennedy Had 'Negroes' Serve Him 'Booze' (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh wasn't afraid to speak ill of the dead on Monday. The conservative radio talk show host weighed in on deceased Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy's drinking habits and managed to include a racist remark.

According to "Game Change," the newly published book about the 2008 presidential campaign, former President Bill Clinton offended Kennedy when asking the Senator to support Hillary Clinton's presidential bid. Talking about then-candidate Obama, Clinton allegedly told Kennedy that just a few years before, Obama would have been serving Clinton and Kennedy coffee. At this, Kennedy reportedly decided to endorse Obama.

Limbaugh pounced on the alleged exchange:

I know the real reason that Teddy Kennedy was mad and offended when Bill Clinton said 'Hey, come on man, this guy woulda been fetching us coffee a few years ago.' what made Teddy Kennedy mad was it's women get him coffee. It was Negroes that brought Ted Kennedy his booze. And that's why he was all offended... We deal in the truth here..."