Rush Limbaugh Calls Sharon Bialek A 'Babe,' Makes Slurping Sound (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh discussed Sharon Bialek, the fourth woman to come forth with sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain, during his show Monday.

Bialek, who Limbaugh referred to as "a blonde bombshell," addressed press on Monday afternoon about the sexual harassment allegations. Her lawyer Gloria Allred stood at her side.

Limbaugh reported that Bialek, who he also called a "babe," said that Cain "put his hands up her dress" and "tried to pull her hair..." Limbaugh pronounced Bialek's last name as "bee-ah-lek," which he later told listeners was incorrect.

Instead, he said, Bialek is pronouced "buy-ah-lik." Limbaugh belabored the point to stress that Bialek's last name was, according to him, pronounced like "buy-a-lick." He even made crude slurping noises to drive his point home.

Listen below for just the slurping noises. Scroll down to listen to the full audio and view a slideshow.

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