Rush Limbaugh Undergoes Surgery For Hearing Loss

Rush Limbaugh told listeners Thursday that he recently underwent surgery for a cochlear implant.

Limbaugh, who has been away from his show for several days, explained that he needed the implant for hearing loss in his right ear. He already had one in his left ear, which he got 13 years ago and was advised to leave his right ear alone at the time.

"I'm not able to identify where a sound is coming from," the radio host said Thursday, according to a transcript of the show. "If I'm in the studio alone and an alarm goes off, I have no idea what it is... Maybe that'll be helped by this."

The surgery, Limbaugh said, entailed the doctor using a "high speed drill" to sculpt "a place in the skull for the implant to go." He said he is currently wearing bandages on his head, which will come off Thursday, and he will return to the doctor to get the implant turned on.