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Rush Limbaugh Ties: 'No Boundaries' Tie Collection Was... Loud (PHOTOS)

Remember when Rush Limbaugh had his own line of ties?

We didn't either. But the talk show host, who has been ubiquitous in the news recently for dubious reasons, wasn't always just honking out opinions on-air: he was a fashion designer.

Yes, the Rush Limbaugh "No Boundaries" tie collection, which his ex-wife Marta helped him design, was apparently sold for a brief time in the '90s, although it appears to have gone defunct many a year ago. But that doesn't mean the wondrous work of art that is a Rush-designed tie has been totally obliterated from society.

From what we can tell of the ties that can STILL be found on eBay, Rush's sartorial offerings were loud -- no surprises there -- and boisterous: Greek columns surrounded by rainbow stripes; bright peacock feathers; plenty of '80s-style gold chains. Each tie came emblazoned with Rush's signature on the back. And a tie merchant website of yore describes the ties as "made up of 100% high quality silk woven intricately to perfect its bold design" and having a "distinguishable weight due to [their] double-wool lining."

Sadly, there's a dearth of Internet information on the defunct "No Boundaries" tie smorgasbord. We did some scouring and found that Rush's tie line apparently came under the jurisdiction of someone called TieGal, Inc., who christened them "Electric Neckwear" and evidently continued the line, selling headache-bright neckwear like the "Kaleidoscope" and a holiday collection. (TieGal also has a line of ties devoted to freemasonry emblems.)

We tried to call the TieGal, but the number listed on her website is no longer in service, and an email hasn't yet been answered.

But for now, if you're still jonesing to score a Limbaugh-crafted necktie (bless your heart), you can still score some ties purporting to be authentic "No Boundaries" on eBay. (We've slideshowed some of them below.) And if you or someone you love have any further info on the fate of the "No Boundaries" tie line, please let us know!

UPDATE: Sheila, the woman behind TieGal, Inc., told us: "I worked for the company that actually produced the Rush Limbaugh line. I worked with Marta [Rush's ex-wife] and Rush at the time we were producing the ties. The company at that time was called Carpediem International. I eventually purchased the company, and now it is TieGal, Inc." And, Sheila says she's still selling the Electric Neckwear and Patriotic ties for $15 a pop.


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