Rush Limbaugh: Time Should Name Me Person Of The Year, Not Sandra Fluke (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh laid into Time magazine for considering Sandra Fluke for its annual Person of the Year issue.

Earlier this week, Time put out a list of candidates to spark discussion about who the magazine should name its Person of the Year. Inclusion on the list is not a formal nomination, and it's not even certain the winner will emerge from the group of candidates. A committee ultimately selects the winner.

The magazine included Sandra Fluke on its candidates list, which caused some over at Fox News to question Time's selection. Limbaugh, the conservative radio host who made a series of incendiary statements about Fluke as she testified at a congressional hearing on insurance-covered contraception, also criticized the magazine for including her.

"Nobody would know who she is if it wasn't for me," Limbaugh said. "If anyone is going to be named Person of the Year on that basis, it ought to be me."

He added, "It's not an honor that I would appreciate because it represents a little bit of a screw-up. But the fact of the matter that she's on the list—" Limbaugh said that the magazine now considers more "media types" than in years past, a group of people he called "the most narcissistic bunch of people you could run into outside of Obama and his acolytes."

Listen to the clip in the video above.



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