Rush Limbaugh: Todd Akin's Comments Were 'Stupid' (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh urged Todd Akin to withdraw from his Senate race on Tuesday, calling the Missouri congressman's recent comments about rape "stupid."

Akin, who is challenging Senator Claire McCaskill for her seat, provoked ire when he tried to explain his anti-abortion stance over the weekend. He said that pregnancy from rape was "really rare," adding, "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." His outrageous comments have drawn fire from both sides of the aisle.

On Tuesday, Limbaugh joined the chorus of conservative voices calling on Akin to drop out. "This was an absolutely ridiculous thing to say, to start qualifying rape in any way, legitimate — I know he apologized for it, but it's still an indication that there's more there that could potentially bubble up and be harmful," he said.

Directing his message at Akin's supporters, Limbaugh explained that his own opinion had nothing to do with the congressman's position on abortion. He said that winning the White House and Senate was crucial for the GOP, and that Akin would ultimately threaten that.

"I don't want a Joe Biden on our side," Limbaugh remarked. "We don't need any unforced errors."

His pleas, however, fell on deaf ears. Akin has vowed to continue his campaign, despite the urging of Limbaugh and others. He announced his intention to stay in the race on Mike Huckabee's radio show on Tuesday.



Political Reaction To Akin 'Rape' Comments