Rush Limbaugh Gets Schooled By Transgender Caller

Rush Limbaugh Gets SHUT DOWN

Rush Limbaugh got a long overdue lesson on Thursday when a transgender caller, Tina, smacked down his use of the word "tranny."

While attempting to defend himself against the caller's claim that he is anti-transgender rights, Limbaugh assured her that he has "been for trannies for a long time."

“Well actually, I did hear you using that term,” Tina said. "And a lot of us do find that to be rather offensive because of the way that it's been historically used."

"Tranny is offensive?" Rush responded. "I heard Alec Baldwin use the term."

Limbaugh then proceeded to explain that he thought the term was "cool and hip" because Baldwin used it in a New York Magazine article in February. To be clear, Baldwin wrote the article after coming under fire for alleged homophobic outbursts and the use of anti-gay slurs.

Tina stressed that the term is neither "cool" nor "hip" and is not appreciated by those genuinely fighting for transgender rights. Still, moments later, Limbaugh appeared to have learned nothing from the lesson.

"How do people know you're a tranny?" he asked.


Listen to the audio clip above.

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