Rush Limbaugh Tears Into Dylan Ratigan For Occupy Wall Street Support (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh attacked MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan on his Monday show, saying that Ratigan was actively advising the Occupy Wall Street movement behind the scenes.

Limbaugh began his segment by saying that President Obama was "responsible" for organizing the Occupy Wall Street protests. "It's Obama's protest to counter the Tea Party...Democrats are so jealous of the Tea Party, they can't see straight," he said.

He then turned to Ratigan, who has been an enthusiastic proponent of the protests. Limbaugh referenced a claim that some journalists "are advising the protesters" when the cameras are not rolling. Limbaugh called Occupy Wall Street a "construct of the media Democrat industrial complex" and said that "Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC and Matt Taibbi are sending emails back and forth with organizers telling them how to position their demands, that they've got to have some demands, how they can improve their coverage."

Taibbi responded to the claim on his blog, calling the notion that he was some kind of conspirator in a media plot absurd and writing that he was "surprised, amused and annoyed all at once" that "series of private e-mail lists" that he may have been involved with were made public and meant to illustrate "the supposed behind-the-scenes marionetting of the OWS movement by the liberal media."


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