Rush's Apology Is Too Little and Too Late

Rush's Apology Is Too Little and Too Late
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Rush Limbaugh issued an apology today for calling Sandra Fluke a prostitute and a slut after she testified before Congress on women's health care. This "apology" occurs after three days of Limbaugh slut shaming Ms. Fluke, insulting her parents and saying that Fluke should make a pornographic movie for his titillation.

On the fourth day, after a public outcry and the loss of at least six national sponsorships due to and similar efforts, Mr. Limbaugh now regrets his choice of words. This was too little, way too late. Especially since Mr. Limbaugh has a long history of offensive and vulgar comments.

No business should associate itself with such a pattern of repeated, reckless, personal abuse. If Rush wants to continue to have the opportunity to demean women in the future, that is his right. Good companies have many opportunities to promote their businesses without having to subsidize the denigration of women. Sandra Fluke wasn't the first woman to be smeared by Rush Limbaugh, but she needs to be the last.

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