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Russell Athletic Heritage in the Future

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Russell Athletic as you may know is a long lived Athletic brand.

Founded by Benjamin Russell in 1902, Russell began by creating mainly women's undershirts and children's undergarments. By 1932, the production line grew and Russell began with their Athletic Division's cutting and sewing garments. Russell Athletic started producing basketball,baseball and football pants as early as 1938 making the brand a household name for 77 years.

Benjamin Russell left the company to his son in 1941 after his death. His son Benjamin C. Russell, sold garments to the Army and Military throughout World War 2.

After the War, Russell Athletic expanded into the 1960's where the company would undergo a lot of changes.

In 1992, Russell signed a 5 year contract to produce most uniforms for Major League Baseball teams in the USA.

Today, Russell Athletic is still in stores with their most recent release of their premium collection. The collection has brought back the simple and vintage long lived sports heritage that were memorable parts of the 80's athletic teams in the US.
This is a brand that sticks to its heritage and re-inventing them for the current generation and generations to come.




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