Russell Brand As 'Arthur': First Trailer Released (VIDEOS)

The long-anticipated first trailer for the remake of 'Arthur' with Russell Brand in the titular role has finally been released, and it will no doubt spark a lot of conversation about how the update could possibly compare to the beloved 1981 original.

Much of the film's success will hang on Brand, since the role seemed custom-made for the late, great Dudley Moore. The other major characters in the update benefit from fairly inspired casting, with Helen Mirren taking on the John Gielgud role and Luis Guzmán as the affable chaffeur Bitterman.

It will be interesting to see if Brand can infuse the character with the right blend of deference for the original and his own chaotic spin on it to inspire audiences to appreciate the performance without constantly comparing him to Moore.

Until then, here's a look at the new trailer followed by a trailer for the old one.


What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing 'Arthur' re-imagined, or was the old one so perfect it should have been left alone?