Russell Brand Calls Bill O'Reilly A 'Disgrace' To The American Flag


Russell Brand continued his campaign against Fox News on Thursday — this time, ripping Bill O'Reilly over his comments on immigration.

O'Reilly, a fierce advocate of strict border control, recently suggested that the U.S. build something like the Berlin Wall along the southern border.

But, as Brand pointed out in the latest episode of his web series, "The Trews," the Berlin Wall wasn't a good thing at all. The actor called it "a symbol for all that was wrong with the world — a country riven in two, the epitome of the Cold War, a symbol of conflict, dishonor, and disdain."

After playing more of O'Reilly's comments, Brand lamented that O'Reilly is "really learning the wrong lessons from life" and missing "the most obvious lessons of history — the Berlin Wall was bad, what’s happening between Israel and Palestine is bad."

He said that instead of "studying some of the worst atrocities in history," O'Reilly should "look at excessive corporate wealth and why don't you advocate them lot paying taxes."

"Why not, Bill?" he continued. "Is it because Fox, who you work for, is a massive corporation and you are a conditioned citizen coveting only a message of corporate hegemony and disempowerment of the people?" He went on to call O'Reilly "a disgrace to your flag."

Brand has been a vocal critic of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and the network's other personalities. He recently picked apart Sean Hannity's coverage of Gaza. In his latest video, Brand said that O'Reilly's comments were part of the host's "war against human decency."

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