Russell Brand Calls Out Bill O'Reilly For His 'Rubbish' And 'Bigotry'

Russell Brand Takes Down Bill O'Reilly

Russell Brand is back taking shots at Fox News, and this time he has a new target: Bill O'Reilly.

The actor and comedian took to his YouTube channel again on Monday to tear into O'Reilly's recent comments about immigration. The "O'Reilly Factor" host argued in June that the majority of immigrants will not be able to compete in the United States' job market because they "can't speak English, have little education and few skills."

"Bill, your whole economic argument is rubbish and based on bigotry," Brand said.

O'Reilly went on to claim that it would take too long-- most likely decades-- for these immigrant children to become "self-sufficient."

Brand pointed out that children becoming "self-sufficient" is called "people growing up over time"-- which everyone does, not just immigrants.

"He gets really close to addressing actual problems and then he pulls back and goes, 'so, I'm going to carry on saying the sort of stuff I've always said.'"

Brand has dedicated an entire YouTube channel to taking down the media, particularly Fox News. Some of his earlier videos include calling the network "a fanatical terrorist propagandist organization" and wondering if Fox News just wants everyone to be racist.

Watch the video above to see the full clip.

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