Russell Brand's Divorce: Video Shows Comedian Taking Off Wedding Ring

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that a marriage unravels, but when it comes to Katy Perry and Russell Brand's divorce, that moment was caught on tape. A video -- although it be a jovial one -- has emerged, showing Brand removing his wedding ring in November, a month before the couple officially announced their divorce.

In the video, Brand promotes a forthcoming American college tour, joking that he's visiting a variety of universities to learn more about college culture in the U.S. The comedian also explains his interest in exploring sorority life -- or what he calls "sex clubs for women" -- at which point he slyly removes his wedding ring.

The video gives no serious indication that Brand is, in fact, having difficulties in his marriage, but it does offer quite a revelation now that he and Perry are officially divorcing. In the video, which Brand later posted on porn website Nudevista, he jokes that he is going to "place [his wedding ring] somewhere very, very safe for the next week." But it turns out that the circular symbol of his marriage is going on much more than a week-long respite.

Since announcing their split, Perry, Brand's soon-to-be ex-wife, has taken to Twitter to say that "no one speaks for me" when it comes to her failed marriage. And it looks like no one, not even himself, speaks for Brand either. The usually chatty Brit has fallen silent via his Twitter account.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Before The Divorce
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