Russell Brand: Fox News 'Is A Contemporary Myth'

Russell Brand Hasn't Changed His Mind About Fox News

There's no love lost between Russell Brand and Fox News, whose contentious relationship eventually escalated to the point of Brand traveling to Fox's offices in midtown Manhattan to confront executives and subsequently being kicked off the property.

Brand's feelings haven't changed much since, which was clear during a HuffPost Live interview Wednesday.

"Of course, Fox News is where you always go first to receive direct truth from the almighty infinite lord," Brand said sarcastically. "Roger Ailes, that's his earthly avatar. I prefer the prophet that is Sean Hannity, who is constantly anxious. For a man that's got such a good head of hair, he's always worried about something."

The original confrontation started when Brand took exception to a Fox graphic depicting Palestinians as ISIS-style terrorists. Brand expounded to host Josh Zepps on the particulars of his rage.

"Fox is a contemporary myth, peddling an contemporary story that's their version of reality. It's incredibly reductive and simplistic and predicates on the worst aspects of our nature. It's easy to make us frightened, it's easy to stimulate desire in us. That's why I think I connect so strongly with that material. I'm a person that, I get frightened. I'm full of desire. Please, don't make it worse, Fox News ... please give me the nuance."

See Brand's thoughts on Fox in the video above, and catch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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