Russell Brand In Playboy: I Hired A Sex Team To Find Girls

Russell Brand In Playboy: I Hired A Sex Team To Find Girls

Before he was engaged to Katy Perry, Russell Brand got his fill of meaningless sex. His sex addiction was once so raging he hired a team to help him target women.

"When I was at my most promiscuous, I was like a charging locomotive," Brand tells Playboy in the June issue. "My selection process was outsourced. I had a team of experts who took care of finding women for me. They had very specific instructions. It was as if I was talking to a wine steward - 'I'm looking for something French, a bit fruity, smells of oak.'"

Not that he misses his old ways.

"I've reached a point in my life where I understand empirically that this is not the answer," he said. "When you sleep with loads of women, it becomes a bit pointless and futile."

Now a reformed sex addict, Brand also talked about the sex rehab population.

"The majority of people in sex rehab are just disgusting men," he said. "There aren't hot blondes ripping off their clothes and saying, 'I'm gorgeous, and I just can't get enough!' It's just sleazy men pleasuring themselves in dark corners. Let's not shy away from it: they're pedophiles and perverts."

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