Russell Brand Orgasms: Comedian Reveals Most Number Of Climaxes In One Day

What's the most number of orgasms Russell Brand has ever had? That's the pressing question at least one fan of the 38-year-old comedian wanted to know the answer to, judging from this wildly unhinged interview on "HuffPost Live" with host Josh Zepps Tuesday morning.

When asked by a fan -- from her bed, no less -- what topped his list in sexual climaxes, Brand answered with the number nine. "Once in Dublin. Nine. It wasn't even a day. It was an evening. It was crazy there. What a mental night it was. I felt exhausted the next day. No I wasn't on drugs. After I've came off drugs, I had a lot of energy that needed to go somewhere, and I thought … [motions to waist] that way," he said.

He added: "But you've got to make sure everyone is happy. I think that that person you're having sex with must have an orgasm first, or you're not fulfilling your duty as a man."

Watch Brand deliver his response in the video clip above, and to watch the full interview, click here.



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