Russell Brand On Sarah Palin: 'People Want To F--- Her'

Russell Brand On Sarah Palin's Popularity: 'People Want To F--- Her'

Russell Brand began his panel at the 2012 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour basking in some good news: his stream-of-consciousness FX talk show "Brand X With Russell Brand" had been renewed for an additional 7 episodes. But Brand being Brand, he couldn't let the session pass without issuing a vulgar proclamation about Sarah Palin that immediately overshadowed a discussion about his re-tooled show.

Pontificating on her popularity, Brand mused, "People want to fuck her. That's why they tolerate the other stuff."

Brand's Palin jokes have gotten him into hot water before. In 2008, after hosting the MTV Video Music Awards, he admitted that the network had cut a joke from the telecast involving Palin's then-pregnant daughter Bristol, abortion and the electric chair. "I wanted to say she was forcing her teenage daughter to have a baby because she is so anti-abortion. But also, as a Republican she is pro-execution so she is going to give her the electric chair for being a little slut," Brand told The Telegraph.

Brand also spoke out against Chick-Fil-A at the panel, the fast-food chicken restaurant that's come under fire after its CEO made comments disparaging gays. Brand called the restaurant "a racist chicken dispensary." Later, he clarified his remarks. "Didn't Chick-Fil-A say that they're racist now? Or homophobic? I get mixed up with the prejudices."

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