Russell Brand Is 'Man Of The Year,' But Does He Deserve The Title?

Russell Brand SaidAt A Recent Awards Ceremony?

"I've always been happy to worship on my knees at the altar of femininity," Russell Brand told attendees of the non-profit Friendly Group's 60th anniversary luncheon in Beverly Hills on October 29. The Friendly House -- a Los Angeles recovery home for women battling drug and alcohol addiction -- named Brand their "Man of The Year."

It's a very confusing statement. First of all, who still speaks in sentences like "I've always been happy to worship on my knees at the altar of femininity"? Secondly, what exactly does Brand mean?

It's often hard to tell whether Brand loves women or just loves having sex with women, and whether he's clear that there's a difference. After all, this is the man who enumerated "the magic of the MILF" in his latest book, Booky Wooky 2, the same men who won The Sun’s "Shagger of the Year" award three years running.

He is, apparently, aware that some might question the nature of his appreciation for the opposite sex, but those people, he has indicated, gravely mistake him. "I like threesomes with two women, not because I'm a cynical sexual predator. Oh no! But because I'm a romantic. I'm looking for 'The One.'"

Not that any of that necessarily makes him undeserving of The Friendly Group award. He has a personal connection to the women who seek treatment from the organization: he went through his own very public struggle with alcohol, drug and sex addiction and, as The Daily Mail reports, was arrested 12 times during his years of substance abuse.

According to The Mail, Brand hasn't used drugs since 2002 and is also a patron of Focus 12, a nonprofit rehab facility. Brand openly spoke about his struggles with drug addiction in the May 2010 issue of Rolling Stone and in a much-circulated episode of Piers Morgan Tonight.

Whatever Brand means by proclaiming himself a worshipper of femininity, he's probably found the most apt object of that devotion. A year ago this month, he wed Katy Perry, one of the most self-consciously feminine pop stars in recent memory.

WATCH: Russell Brand talks to Piers Morgan about his love of women:

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