Russell Crowe Is Having A 'Divorce Auction' With Lots Of Movie Mementos

The total value is estimated at up to $2.8 million.

In the market for a replica Roman chariot, neo-Nazi jackboots or some British navy dress clothes? You’re in luck. Russell Crowe is having a garage sale.

The New Zealand-born, Australian-residing star of “Gladiator,” “Master and Commander” and “A Beautiful Mind” is clearing out dozens of pieces of memorabilia from his celebrated acting career, what he is calling a “divorce auction,” as he prepares to finalize his split from Danielle Spencer.

Crowe is selling more than 200 items in a Sotheby’s auction, with the pieces to go under the hammer on April 7 in Sydney ― his wedding anniversary and his 54th birthday. The collection, titled “The Art of Divorce,” is also available for viewing as a public exhibition before the auction.

“The sale represents the dispersal of a highly personal collection that was assembled by Crowe over many years, including those shared with his former wife, Danielle Spencer,” the Sotheby’s listing reads.

“The Russell Crowe Collection comprises important paintings by some of Australia’s most significant historic, modern and contemporary artists, furniture, movie memorabilia, musical instruments, watches and sporting memorabilia.” 

A replica chariot from "Gladiator."
A replica chariot from "Gladiator."

Among the headline pieces ― available for browsing online ― are a “fully functioning” replica Roman chariot, armor and weapons from Crowe’s Academy Award-winning role in “Gladiator”; naval dress blues from “Master and Commander”; costumes from “Les Miserables”; a satin boxer’s robe from “Cinderella Man”; a “collection of ephemera” from “L.A. Confidential”; and boots he wore in a role as a neo-Nazi in the Australian film “Romper Stomper.”

Besides movie mementos, Crowe’s divorce auction also includes a number of cars, motorbikes, guitars, paintings, watches, jewelery and pieces of sporting memorabilia. 

The violin from "Master and Commander."
The violin from "Master and Commander."

“We’ve been separated over five years now, our divorce should be finalised around the time of the auction,” Crowe told Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. “Just as we collaborate on the upbringing of our kids, it’s easy for us to work together on something like this. I think she feels the same way I do in regards to just moving on things that help create space for the future.”

The most expensive piece in the collection is an 1890 violin that was used in “Master and Commander.” The total value of the auction may reach $3.6 million ($2.8 million in U.S. dollars), according to Sotheby’s estimates.

“On the practical side, this collection probably equates to three rooms full of things I’ll no longer have to care for, document, clean, tune and insure,” Crowe told the Daily Telegraph.