Russell Crowe Divorce: Danielle Spencer Could Receive $25 Million

How Much Will Russell Crowe's Ex-Wife Get?

By now, we all know that Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer have split after nine years of marriage, but what the nosy really want to know is how much the former Mrs. Crowe is getting from the divorce. The Sydney Morning Herald puts the estimate in the ballpark of $25 million -- and possibly more, once one factors in all of the glittering properties and assets the "Gladiator" actor has acquired over the years.

Here's a rough breakdown of the Crowe financial estate: a $50 million property portfolio, including a $14 million penthouse in Sydney and farmland in New South Wales; $3 million each for sons Charles, 8, and Tennyson, 6; and investments in Australia's Rabbitohs football club and Black Standard Beef production. Oh, and not to mention the $150 million the Oscar winner has earned over the past two decades.

While Spencer, a singer, will see a pretty penny through her divorce, it looks like much of it was preordained. The couple reportedly signed a prenup that stipulated that Spencer would receive a minimum of $15 million if they divorced anytime after three years of marriage. Meanwhile, Spencer's payout pales in comparison to other Australian marriages gone wrong. Mel Gibson was ordered to pay out a whopping $425 million to ex-wife Robyn Gibson after 29 years marriage in Dec. 2011, while NewsCorp honcho Rupert Murdoch shelled out an astonishing $1.7 billion to ex-wife Anna Murdoch after splitting in 1999.

Crowe and Spencer married in 2003, after first meeting (and dating) on the set of "The Crossing" 13 years prior. "The thought [of marrying her] crossed my mind the first time I met her," Crowe told the Morning Herald about his now-estranged wife.

QUESTION: Which singer said his ex-wife was "worth every penny" after he reportedly paid her half his fortune in the settlement?

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