Russell Crowe Gets Candid About His 'Resting Bitch Face'

The "Unhinged" star talked about always looking unhinged.

Part of Russell Crowe’s somewhat irascible reputation may have a simple explanation: That’s just how his face looks. 

Crowe stars in the new thriller “Unhinged,” the story of how a bit of road rage leaves his character — you guessed it — unhinged. Given the movie’s subject matter, interviewer Jake Hamilton asked Crowe if he ever has a “normal bad day,” considering his movie-star status leaves his every move scrutinized by fans.

“When people are watching your response to things, you can appear to be in a place of anger or whatever when you’re not,” Crowe answered. “But as we well know, I have resting bitch face. I can be sitting, I can be thinking about a Clarice Beckett painting, but somebody else is viewing me going, ‘Man, he must be pissed about something.’”

Being an actor is a “people-intensive job,” Crowe continued, and even though he doesn’t see himself as a famous person, he said he mostly enjoys his interactions with fans.

He added: “You can have a situation where one day you have 3,000 conversations, and the next day you might have one conversation. But somebody starts it the wrong way, but that’s the one that’s going to end up in the news.”

Of course, Crowe’s self-diagnosed case of RBF doesn’t have much to do with incidents like walking out of interviews or his infamous phone throw. However, for all those people out there who think he’s mean-mugging, it turns out the guy simply has a mean mug.

See the full interview below: