Russell Crowe As Rupert Murdoch: Actor Reportedly To Play Scandalized Media Mogul In New Movie

Russell Crowe definitely won't be phoning this one in.

The 'Gladiator' star, 48, is in line to play media mogul Rupert Murdoch in a new film "Good Times, Bad Times" based on former London Times editor Harold Evan's memoirs of his relationship with him. "The Kings Speech" leading man Colin Firth is rumored to be up to play Evans.

Evans resigned from the paper in 1983 over "unacceptable pressure" from Murdoch on how the Times should be run.

Leon Lecash, creative director of the company producing the film, said the movie will also discuss a meeting between Murdoch and Margaret Thatcher — who was Britain's PM at the time — where Murdoch agreed to buy the Times in exchange for political publicity for Thatcher's party.

"Harry [Evans] had suspicions that some intimate contacts were taking place between Murdoch and Thatcher, with late-night whisky drinking," said Lecash.

The film will not only be about Evan's experience at the Times but also touch on the ongoing News of the World hacking scandal.